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What is Loopville?

L∞P is an educational game designed for educational public institutes to raise children’s awareness to the relationship between human and nature.



Children are encouraged to create an interactive creature in the virtual environment of Loopville.



Children can move physical wooden blocks that represent natural and man-made structures around Loopville to see how these elements impact the balance of the ecosystem.

Two Creatures


Children have the option of working collaboratively to experiment with balance within Loopville.

Our Mission

We believe it is equally important for young children to learn about the interconnectedness of the ecosystem we live in and how our actions impact animals, as other subjects currently included in their school curriculum. For 5-8 years old children, they learn about different species of animals and their habitats in school, but they are not exposed to the broader implications of how the two worlds of animals and humans connect and influence one another until much later on in their education.

We hope that Loop can inspire children to start thinking about what living in harmony with nature means at a young age, and carry the same conscientiousness about how their daily actions impact the environment as they grow up.

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Child playing with Loop

Learn Through Playing

Loop - an immersive game

Designed to be a set as a part of an exhibition under the theme of environmental conservation and wildlife preservation, we designed Loop to be a stand-alone installation that invites children to the world of Loopville.

Loop Prototype

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A House Block in Loopville
Playing With a House Block
Creature Creation on IPad
A House Block in Loopville
Running Around Loopville
Creature Passports
Catching a Creature
Playing in Loopville
Playing with a House Block
Playing with a House Block
House Blocks in Loopville
Factory Block
Creature Passport

An experience to last

Seamless experience
across all platforms

Transition from physical visit of Loopville to our website and mobile application is made seamless. Loop presents a learning experience that extends from the in-person installation to individual homes where children can explore with their parents about the topics of extinction and balance.


A daily practice

Guidelines to an
eco-friendly lifestyle

Our website includes articles and guidelines with at-home activities that parents and children can learn about. This aims to fill a void about the resources on wildlife conservation in the current curriculum for young children.

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Loop on IPad and Laptop

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L∞P is a conceptual project created by students from the
UC Berkeley Master of Information Management and Systems in 2021.

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